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How to stay in the light/positive and keep hope alive

When in such pain, isolation and lack of support its important to be Honest, Realistic and Grateful. For the things that make you aware it could be worse, that this is not the end and there is more after this. So first being Honest. Its important and I believe vital; that you have a deep and meaningful conversation with yourself. This talk you have with you, should be about what was lost, what's happening now and what you want for yourself and not what other people expect from you. But what your soul and heart is needing. Now this conversation will be hard, don't fool yourself. And you will have it continue for a few days/weeks. And you will get down at points and at other times very hopeful. However once its spoken, once its been "owned". Then and only then will you find guidance in what you need next to move forward. So being realistic. With this you must own your faults and own your qualities good and bad. In this moment, question what your soul needs. What makes you happy. What your values; beliefs and truths are, What you stand up for. So I have a big fault which is, I give even when I truly shouldn't and cannot give. My beliefs and values. I value my family and friends. I believe in nature, in alternative (which i dislike this word) but in thousands year old landcare practices. I value my self. And I'm working on how to say no. Until you know the most rawest you and what you hold dear. I ask how can you honestly move and grow?, if you don't know you and more importantly honour the true you?. Not the you, society wants, but what you need. So once you get to know you again, the soul you were as a child. Who loved, laughed and played freely without giving any thought to what people said about you. Now look back on what you have and compare how could this be worse. Well for me I could end up in a nursing home without my family and fur kids. So I am very grateful for the home I have, for the family I have. I'm very grateful for my amazing carer and mum. Who helps me so much. I'm thankful for my dad and his help and love. Thankful for my puppy and kitten. Im grateful for not taking Lyrica anymore at such a level that I cannot think straight, talk or be me. I'm grateful for my leg still being attached to my body. I'm grateful for my isolation in the way its allowed me to become un-shackled by societies pressure. To rewild with myself and look at what is truly important. I'm grateful that mum and I know things that bring my pain flares under control quicker so im not in flares twisted up for weeks/months on end. Once you look back at the old you, and become the new raw and truthful you; on the most personal level. Only then can you find the light. The guidance to what your purpose on this planet is. That makes you the happiest and balanced person. One where peace and harmony just flows. But this is where you must continue to be Honest, Realistic and Grateful. So that you continue to grow and not become stuck in all the "everything's perfect". It's very healthy to say I'm not ok today and sit and wollow . . Just make sure that you get the hell back up again. Until next time warriors Many Blessings Mollie

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