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A Challenge from Dad

I CHALLANGE YOU, TRIPLE DOUBLE DARE YOU...READ THIS TO THE VERY END!!! It took me a couple of hours to write it, and a few tears. It will take you 5 minutes to read it...

So, by now most of you would know we are raising money for my daughters surgery. Any doubts about the legitimacy about this can be removed by the fact that the charity is approved by the QLD government, if you like go the QLD fair trading site, and search for the number CP2677.

But for now, lets compare some various kinds of pain to what Mollie lives with all day everyday...I will use the McGill Pain Scale for comparisons and you are more than welcome to check my numbers yourself. Please, try to remember the worst pain you have ever felt and research where it rates.

The McGill pain scale and its ratings... 0 is no pain, and I think it stops at 50 because this is, like, death. Keep in mind that the body starts to shut down its own organs at 45. This is a last ditch attempt by your body to survive.

We all interpret our pain differently to each other. You can only interpret pain compared to the worst pain you have ever felt personally. But lets give this a shot...

13 if you have ever sprained anything. I have done ankles and wrists, usually in a game of AFL. Its pretty painful. 18 for a fracture or arthritis. Yep have fractured a couple of things myself. It hurts for sure. 20 for your worst toothache. Arrgghhh, I can put up with pain but a toothache drops me like a big sook. 24-25 seems to be widely accepted as a rating for non terminal cancer. 26 for chronic back pain. 28-29 Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain. 30 Ankylosing spondylitis. This a is a form of progressive arthritis brought on by chronic inflammation of the spinal joints. 35 Childbirth. They say with training, ladies you ever had training for giving birth? Only if you have done it before. 40 1st time child birth. Kidney stones. While having never experienced either of these I know people that have...apparently they hurt like hell. 40-41 Amputation of a finger or toe. 42 -43 CRPS. The pain that is constant. iI doesn't only hurt while pushing that baby out. Not only while taking a pee and pushing out that kidney stone.

Yes. Mollie lives with CRPS. Add to that, that she is living with a broken coccyx (tail bone) which is poking into her bowls. As bones do, they fuse up as a healing mechanism. Multiple time a week she has to physically break her coccyx so she can do something that we all do regularly (and if you don't your gonna die). Take a dump. Crack a crap. Give birth to an Aussie pollie.

Imagine that. Breaking your tailbone on purpose so you can now tighten your stomach muscles, and push. And PUUSSHHH damn you. Now you are trying to push poo past a bone you just actually and purposefully broke yourself. Ok that's done. Now sit and wait to see if you can tell whether or not your coccyx has perforated your bowl...because if it has, this can kill you. Now wipe. done? Now get up and go and shower. Dry yet? Now, go and spend the rest of the day in bed. Laying on that coccyx. Hows it going? Want a pill? A heat pack?

Oh no, here comes CRPS with a bad arse flare up...

She can die just going to the toilet. She will die if she doesn't. When we say life saving surgery we mean it.

So when Mollie says she isn't doing so well today, unbeknownst to her...I think, as her father, she is the toughest individual I have ever met in my life. As a security guard, when people "shape up" my first thought is daughter is tougher than you mate.

I need your help. Mollie needs your help. And we need it fast. Please join us in the fund raiser Mollies Mission and help save an amazing young Australian ladies life.

I'm begging you... Buck.

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