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Is Mollie's Mission actually legit?

YES! of course we are...

Hey everyone, It has come to our attention that a few are wondering why so much money? and how do i know this is really legit as there are no doctor's paperwork put up or quotes.? So we're writing to you, to explain exactly what Fair Trading is. How we had to become approved and how everything is set up and about the costs. So first, what is Fair Trading Queensland?. To simply put; Fair Trading oversee all organisation's, businesses and government businesses, including charities in Queensland. However Fair Trading is Australian wide. They are the ones who bring out corruption and prevent it. Any wrong doings and you are investigated; and if anything is found out of place then we will get fined and or sent to jail. So what was Mollies Mission's hoops to jump through, to get approval? We had to file for a one-off 6 month sanction appeal to raise the money. Now we couldn't just randomly pick a figure. Every single aspect had to be over seen and reviewed by Fair Trading. We had to submit; ●The doctor fee's, ●His assistant surgeon fee's, ●The time spent by per day, in each hospital ward. ●We had to add in the medication ●The medical flight. (This flight needs a assistance Nurse to administer pain medication on flight per law requirements) ●We had to add in the nurses costs, ●The plane tickets for Mollie, her mum and the Nurse (both ways) •A medical flight is a specialised flight where there is a stretcher in the plane. As Mollie cannot sit or lay on her back this is the only option. Because of CRPS, Mollie does not fly well and always get a active flare. ●We had to include Rehabilitation costs and any equipment and or braces Mollie may need. ●Cairns offers no public long term physiotherapy; so this must be added in, as Mollie is looking at months of Rehabilitation easy. ●We have to cover costs on an independent Financial Auditor; who well investigate where every cent came from and where it went . At the end of appeal. This will then be sent to Fair Trading for review. ●We had to assign any leftover money to another Charity before approval. ●We also must have a seperate Bank account from anyone involved in Mollies Mission. This account is only run by one promoter at Mollies Mission; no one else has access to this account. All medical costs we aim to pay via transfer. No money to be withdrawn from the account unless absolutely necessary. ●All fundraising plans had to be preapproved by Fair Trading. ●We had to submit two budgets a Low and High cost and then this was checked and referenced by Fair Trading. ●All quotes are not set in stone figures; as mentioned we have unknown factors that start in the $1,000.00 range. So we were advised to put up the higher end budget by Fair Trading. ●We had to account for any unknown costs as everything must be paid in full before treatment is given to Mollie. Our unknowns are: ●Mollie may have bowel damage, something we cannot know until in theatre. ●Mollie may need ICU or extra days to recover. ●If Mollie's Bowel is damaged we won't know until surgery is over; if another doctor is required or a second procedure is needed. Again must be paid in full prior treatment. Now why must this be paid for privately? This is because Mollie has no access to any skilled and considerate surgeons in Cairns/Townsville; to operate on her very complex health requirements and needs. The next hospital is in Brisbane which is just shy of 1,500 kilometers from where Mollie is based. So why travel to Sydney and not Brisbane? Without getting into to much detail as a court case is pending. Mollie and her Family have exhausted all options for getting to Brisbane and due to certain circumstances cannot be helped by Brisbane Doctors. Which is how we came across Dr Donnellan. Who has already operated on Mollie's spine as a 2 part surgery procedure. So how it worked for Mollies first part of surgery; was a surgeon from Townsville, either has to be on holidays, be on leave and or fired. Once that spot has opened up Townsville will invite a surgeon from another hospital to fill the previous surgeons spot. Until the hospital can find a long term replacement and or the other surgeon gets back. This how Mollie had her first part of the spinal surgery with Dr Donnellan in Townsville. However this time isn't the case. And this is why we have to raise the money to get to Sydney where Dr Donnellan is based. Dr Donnellan has no admitting rights and or access to any public hospitals in Sydney and Mollie has already built a wonderful and trusting repour with Dr Donnellan. Mollie has also got a great rehabilitation team in Sydney who know of CRPS and who are ready to work with Mollie's Complex health. All of us behind Mollies Mission want 100% transparency between you and us. And this is why we went about this the right way and got Fair Trading one-off sanction appeal approval before hand. This number CP6277 has been transparently displayed in posts and Mollies Mission picture as well as on the pages from day one. Before we were approved we also had to get a signed letter from our primary Surgeon stating he is my surgeon and is aware of this appeal. We shall put this letter up on the pages. Now why the page doesn't have any of Mollies personal medical records up? is exactly just that. It's personal. Mollie has NEVER liked her life out for all to know. And this has been EXTREMELY hard to ask and approach the public for help for her. Especially with it being such a personal surgery and injury. And Mollie has already lost so many personal rights and choices; that many people take for granted each day. Such as showering, dressing, cooking, moving freely and not worrying about going to the toilet. However in saying this Mollie has and will continue to share with you as much as you need to know with great love and gratitude. But please remember that Mollie is a person who has feelings, is frightened and doing the very best she can to keep everyone in the loop while battling every single day. This is true for her mum and full time carer too. Her latest update on the coccyx positioning is; that the coccyx has moved forward again and by her guess her bowl is now is 50% obstructed by the coccyx, this is a great struggle for her that involves a lot of pain. Mollie's body weight is no concern to why she is in this position. This is a mechanical fault (meaning only outside intervention will fix this for her) Her weight is a side effect and scar of her battle, that has now being ongoing for 5 years. Not to mention Mollie is in AWE of her body. "Yes its wobbly and yes its not functioning right. but it has stood up against some of the hardest fights for my life. And i am extremely proud of what it's achieved!. I will be able to loose weight once my mechanical fault is fixed." Quoted by Mollie Barrett So we here at Mollies Mission have done everything possible to make sure that we do right by you and your donation. And your help and involvement has been gratefully and honestly received with much love and hope from all at Mollies Mission. Thank you to all who have been respectful and asked questions the right and polite way. This has been greatly appreciated. Mollie and her mum honestly have gone through every Avenue and system before asking for your help. And because of that they have suffered for years! Hopefully this clarifies what we have set up and if you want further information. Please feel free write to Mollies Mission promoters at Much love and blessings to you all

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